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Remember......what?? Oh, zinc!

Posted on 2 February, 2016 at 0:15


Some recent studies have shown a link between low zinc and good brain function.  I believe it.  So many folks are low in many vital nutrients due to poor "fast food" eating habits.One study actually proved that the meds a patient was taking caused them to be low in zinc, therefore causing memory loss and even slight disorientation. Yech!   When zinc supplements were given, the patient quickly recovered normal function and ability. How simple was that?! Yet, today, many doctors would just diagnose another "illness" and add another med to the patient's already existing list.  Remember, we have always got to find the root cause of a symptom, then work from there. Another study was based in a very poor geographical area finding people of all ages very low in zinc and also suffering from memory loss as you would see with senility.  Once again, symptoms improved when the folks were given zinc supplements. As always, the best way ato get these nutrients is directly from the food source. Good sources of zinc are listed in this chart.

Table 2. Zinc in Plant Foods3

Food Preparation Serving mg

Tofu firm, raw 1/2 cup 2.0

Tempeh raw 1/2 cup 1.0

Garbanzo beans boiled 1/2 cup 1.3

Pinto beans boiled 1/2 cup 0.8

Kidney beans boiled 1/2 cup 1.0

Lentils boiled 1/2 cup 1.3

Almonds whole 1/4 cup 1.1

Walnuts chopped 1/4 cup 0.9

Pistachios 1/4 cup 0.7

Pecans halves 1/4 cup 1.1

Peanuts raw 1/4 cup 1.2

Peanut butter 2 tbsp 0.9

Sunflower seeds roasted 1/4 cup 1.7

Corn yellow, boiled 1 cup 0.9

Peas boiled 1/2 cup 1.0

Oatmeal cooked 1 cup 2.3

Cashews dry roasted 1/4 cup 1.9

Chia seeds dried 1 oz 1.0

Miso 1 tbsp 0.4

Broccoli boiled, chopped 1/2 cup 0.4

Here, at Eden's, I include zinc powder in our deodorants as well as sunscreen.  Most folks are low in zinc, and it will not hurt to get extra at all!


Categories: Prevention/Family Care, Medicinal Helps

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